Affiliated Mental Health Professionals

David McNeil, M.D.

Christine Abt, MSN, RN, APN

Ph: (847) 291-8810


155 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 328, Chicago, IL 60601

135 N. Arlington Heights Rd, Suite 105, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Diagnostic Evaluations

The psychiatric evaluation is the foundation of all assessment and treatment. This evaluation involves exploration of the symptoms or issues for which psychiatric care is sought. This is often accomplished in the initial clinical interview. A detailed history of the presenting problem is gathered, along with medical and family histories. Assessment questionnaires may also be employed. In some cases the patient may be referred for diagnostic neuropsychological testing. Using a combination of assessment tools, the psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner arrives at a diagnosis and prescribes appropriate treatment.

Other Services

Medication Management

Medication management in psychiatry is constantly developing, expanding, and improving.

TMS Therapy

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is among the most exciting innovations in psychiatric care today. If your meds are not working optimally or you want to avoid side effects. TMS could be an option.

Psychotherapy & Counseling

Therapy and counseling enable the facing of life’s challenges in a supportive environment. In therapy, most experience symptom relief and function better in their lives.

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